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    ALEKS Instructions

    Thank you for choosing to take HNU’s math placement test remotely and online. If you have already taken the math placement test, you may disregard these instructions. Otherwise, please read the info below carefully.

    Why do I need to take a math placement exam?
    Taking the math placement test is an important part of your enrollment process as it gives your academic advisor the information needed to determine what math class would best fit your current math knowledge and experience. It is important to be honest and maintain academic integrity when you take the exam. Cheating will only negatively impact you by placing you in a math course you may not be prepared for. You need to take the exam on a computer or laptop.

    Why do I need a proctor?
    A proctor is someone who monitors a test taker during their exam to ensure academic integrity, in other words, ensure the test taker does not cheat. Typically, a proctor can be a teacher, coach, counselor, supervisor or a testing administrator. Given current shelter in place guidelines, we understand it may be necessary to ask a family member or someone in your home to proctor your exam. Suggestion if you live alone: a proctor can watch or listen to you via facetime on your phone while you take the exam on your computer.

    What are my next steps?
    • Please state you understand the following statement in your e-mail reply to
      • I, ____(insert name here)_____, agree to maintain academic integrity while taking HNU's Math ALEKS placement exam. I understand cheating will only put me at a disadvantage and will negatively impact my learning and class experience.
    • Provide us with the name and contact information of your proctor:
      • Name:
      • Relation to student:
      • Email:
      • Phone number:
    • Provide a date/time you would like to take the exam:
      • Date:
      • Time:

    Please e-mail this information to: We need this information at least 72 hours prior to your planned test date. The advising office will contact you and your proctor via e-mail with further information.