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    Financial Agreement Instructions

    One of the steps for attending a Hawk Day and enrolling at HNU is to sign your Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA). The SFRA is a mandatory agreement that outlines financial obligations and responsibilities for attendance at Holy Names University. To access and sign the SFRA, please follow the below instructions:
    1. Go to
    2. Log-In with your HNU Username & Password
      1. Your HNU email will be
        1. ex:
      2. Your password will be your student ID + HNU!
        1. ex: 1234567HNU!
    3. Click on Outlook
    4. Search for an email titled "DocuSign"
      1. If you are having trouble finding the email, try the Spam folder
    5. Open the email and click "Review Document" to submit the DocuSign form

    If you have any difficulties accessing this form or your HNU email, please contact